Top Services Provided By Local Oconomowoc Retail Roofers

Top Services Provided By Local Oconomowoc Retail Roofers

A retail roofing company is a company that is customer-focused and provides a full range of services to satisfy all roofing needs, from inspections to repairs to upgrades to new roof installation. If you live in Oconomowoc, WI and you are looking for the best roofer near me, then contact CAB Construction for all your roofing needs. Homeowners in southeastern Wisconsin and Independence, Missouri can rely on CAB Construction, a retail roofer dedicated to helping customers with professional service and top-quality materials. The following are some of the services a professional retail roofer provides.

Recommending Roofing Materials

Best Brand Name Roofing Materials
Best Brand Name Roofing Materials

Customers who are building a new home or replacing an old roof have many options to choose from. A professional roofer can help customers make the best choice for their type of home, environment, and budget. Energy-efficient roofing materials like reflective shingles may not be the cheapest to install, but they often pay for themselves in savings on monthly heating and cooling bills. However, each home is unique and the best roofing option depends on many factors, including the shape of the roof, the climate conditions, the aesthetics or curb appeal of the roofing material, and of course, the homeowner’s personal preferences. Satisfying customers is CAB Construction’s number one priority.

Roofing Repairs And Removing Stains From A Roof

CAB Construction recommends that homeowners and business owners do a roof inspection at least once per year to insure that there are no potential problems with the roof. It is much easier to do roofing repairs than to wait for the problem to become worse, which may require more work at a later time or even a roof replacement. Besides extending the life of the roof, it is also important to conduct inspections on a regular basis because if there is a problem with the roof it can cause leaks that could damage the interior of the building. Many times a minor roof repair can be fixed relatively inexpensively if the problem is determined early enough. That is why it is important to have a trained and experienced roofing company conduct the roof inspection.

If homeowners see no sign of leaking, they tend to assume that their roof is doing fine. However, an inspection may reveal discolored spots that are the first sign of damage. A dark, stained-looking area on a roof may indicate the presence of mold, mildew, or other fungus embedded in the shingles. Mold can proliferate and eventually destroy a roof, but fortunately it’s easy to get rid of with a bleach solution or other stain-removal product. A roofing professional can not only remove mold but also protect the roof from future damage.

Protecting A Roof From Ice Dams

Cause of an Ice Dam
Cause of an Ice Dam

Ice dams occur when snow melts above the warmest part of the roof but then refreezes near the cooler gutter line. The ice creates a dam that causes water to pool behind it, unable to run off into the gutters. Pooled water can then seep into the shingles and eventually leak into the house. Roofing technicians at CAB Construction can not only repair damage caused by ice dams, but they can also help homeowners identify home improvements that will prevent the problem in the future. Ice dams are much more frequent in Wisconsin than they are in Missouri, but anytime a home is exposed to snow or ice on their rooftop, it is possible for an ice dam to cause damage to the home or business. Many times a simple roof inspection can determine areas that are susceptible to ice dams, and therefore they can be fixed before the problem occurs.

Installing Or Replacing Flashing

Flashing is a thin metal sheet that provides an important layer of protection against leaks. Flashing is placed at any junction in the roof, such as where two roof sections meet, around the chimney, or around vents. If flashing is damaged due to weather, age, or improper installation, an otherwise sound roof is compromised. Professional roofing contractors at CAB Construction can install flashing wherever it is needed or replace existing flashing that is no longer doing its job.

Contact CAB Construction For All Your Retail Roofing Needs

CAB Construction is a GAF Factory-Certified Master Elite roofing contractor, an achievement which only 3% of U.S. roofing contractors have attained. This certification guarantees that we are appropriately licensed, carry sufficient insurance, and have a high level of expertise. Our motto is “Above and Beyond Your Expectations,” and we pride ourselves on being a local retail roofing company that provides excellent and personalized customer service. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free roof inspection by filling out the form on the sidebar or calling us at 1.844.781.7117.

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