Ice Dam Removal

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Ice Dam Removal

CAB Construction Specializes In Safe, Effective, Ice Dam Removal

CAB Construction is a full-service roofing and general contractor based in Wisconsin. We also have an office in Missouri, and CAB Construction has completed roofing and contracting projects around the United States.

With winter in full season, many of our roofing customers hire us to remove ice dams from their roofs, which can be very damaging to your shingles, gutters, soffits, and they can even damage the inside of your home.

CAB Construction uses steam to remove snow and ice dams, which is the proper ice dam removal method. We use state-of-the-art, low pressure, high temperature steam systems that assure your shingles, roof and gutters will not be harmed or damaged in the ice dam removal process.

CAB Construction is Your Choice For Ice Dam Removal and Prevention

Ice dam removal is not something you want to try yourself. Climbing on an icy roof can be very dangerous. Do not try to stand on the ground and chip the ice away from there. This can cause damage to your roof and gutters. You can also be seriously injured by falling ice, debris or tools. Let our ice dam removal professionals safely remove the ice and snow from your roof with our low-pressure steam equipment. Contact CAB Construction here, or call 1.844.781.7117 to get your ice dams removed in a safe way for you, your roof, gutters, soffits, and your home structure.

CAB Construction is your trusted source to remove ice dams on commercial buildings, residential homes, apartment buildings, and any other structure that can hold ice and snow. The professionals at CAB Construction are Ice Dam Removal Certified (IDRC) and we use the newest technology in approved steaming equipment to remove your ice dam leaving no-additional-damage to existing structures.

Ice dams can be a major headache for homeowners. If left untreated, the water that backs up behind ice dams can leak into a home and cause damage to the insulation, walls, ceilings and more. It is very important to hire a professional ice dam removal company to safely remove the ice dam.

When you call CAB Construction, we will ONLY use our commercial grade steamers to remove the ice dam quickly, economically, and most of all without damage to your roof in any way. Trying to do it yourself or hiring someone who is not a qualified ice dam removal specialist could result in major damage to your shingles, roof and potentially even your walls.