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Exterior Trim

During major storms exterior trim work may also become damaged and loosen to the point that moisture and excess water will make its way into your walls. CAB Construction has trained associates that will eliminate the leak at it’s source and repair or replace your exterior trim. Exterior trim is available in many different styles and colors, and can be selected to match the existing look of your home or business.

Large hail storms, or even heavy wind from a large thunder storm can damage the trim around your windows, doors, fascia and soffits. You may have also experienced slight damage to your decks and other outside trim that needs to be repaired. Many times damage to gutters can also cause problems with fascia and soffits that needs to be repaired after a large storm.

CAB Construction has the best trim carpenters to fix this kind of problem, and this is part of what we do for you to restore your home to its original condition, or better, after a storm has hit your home. If you have had storm damage and some of your exterior trim work has been damaged, hire CAB Construction to do all of the repairs for you instead of trying to deal with multiple contractors. We are the experts that will fix your exterior trim while also installing a new roof after storm damage.

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